Purple Sesame – What is it all about?


Here at Purple Sesame, we aim to create a fun and simple way for you to enjoy a delicious and affordable meal, with a variety of the freshest and healthiest (of course) ingredients!


YOU get to tell us what you want and exactly how you want it, a scrumptious customization of your taste bud’s wildest imaginations…


All this yummy excitement for a set price, unless you want to expand your palette (if you dare) with some of the add ons we have, to make your meal even more memorable and mouth-watering!


We promise that you won’t regret it and will be hungry for more!!


Our menu:


From Soups to Salads to Pasta and Rice Bowls


Comprising of our freshest ingredients, YOU will have the opportunity to experience and experiment with the different variations of proteins, carbohydrates and sauces that we offer.


The best thing about our menu is that, the choices you make will not be binding as you will be able to try as many variations (of the dishes you love) to your heart’s content, so you will NEVER get bored!


Our customizable and affordable dishes are all made with love, precision and the best of quality.


So, what is there left to think about?