What to Eat in KL? 6 Delightful Restaurants to Feed Your Food Craving Now

What to Eat in KL? 6 Delightful Restaurants to Feed Your Food Craving Now

What to Eat in KL? 6 Delightful Restaurants to Feed Your Food Craving Now


Finding a place to eat in Kuala Lumpur would not be a problem as there are so many restaurants and cafes that serve KL best foods and you will surely love it!

In Kuala Lumpur, you can find everything from high-class restaurants to street stalls that sell freshly cooked mouth-watering local cuisine at a low and a cheaper price.

Today, we will talk about the best restaurants that you can go to fulfil your food cravings and how you can still dine in when you are on your diet.

6 Delightful Restaurants to Feed Your Food Craving Now



As there are a variety of restaurants, hawker stalls and cafes in Kuala Lumpur, it might be hard to find the best place to dine in.

Therefore, here are some of the best restaurants that serve tasty and mouth-watering food that you can visit with your family and friends.


1.  The Purple Sesame


Located in NU Sentral and Sunway Putra Mall, The Purple Sesame has the best variety of food, from salads, pasta and rice bowls!

The Purple Sesame is one of the best healthy restaurants in Malaysia that serves you food that is made with freshest and healthiest ingredients and a series of creative drinks.

One of the special things about The Purple Sesame that you might not find in other cafes is that you can customize your meal to your liking! How convenient is that!

Furthermore, The Purple Sesame offers its customers an online experience to create their delicious meals with affordable options.

Not only that, you can choose and try a variation of carbohydrates, sauces and proteins out and you are free to try as many as variations of the dishes that you love.

Moreover, aside from a dine-in café and online orders, The Purple Sesame offers catering service for corporate working lunch, corporate events, house parties and more.

Besides, they also provide a loyalty program for their customers for rewards and retention.

2.  Koro Koro Café


If you are in Subang Jaya’s area, you need to stop by at Koro Koro Café.

Despite the crowded and busy location, this café has a calming green space with no shortage of indoor plants concepts that will ease your mind once you step into the café.

If you are a Muslim, worry not as the food is pork-free. The menu consists of Japanese-inspired meals like beef tataki, gyoza, karaage, crispy salmon with a side of rice, and more.

Moreover, the cafe also served their customer with delicious and tasty cakes!

3.  Malatoop


Next, Malatoop is a good halal Sichuanese restaurant in the Klang Valley.

It offers a variety of spicy goodness that will satisfy your cravings such as stir-fried dry mala bowls with a variety of vegetables and protein soaked in the Sichuan peppercorn mixture.

4.  Five O'clock Brasserie


Next, Five O'clock Brasserie is heaven for Italian food lovers.

Located in Bangsar South, it offers their customers scrumptious and mouth-watering meals such as smashed avocado toast, pasta, lamb cutlets, paella and plenty of other protein options.

Not only that, but they also have plenty of wine and fresh juices for you to sip on the hot sunny day.

5.  270sqft


If you are up for a nice cup of aromatic coffee as well as some cakes and bagels, this café is made for you. 270sqft is a tiny café located in Petaling Jaya.

Living to its name, the café can’t accommodate too many people, therefore, the takeaway option is highly recommended.

However, if you want to dine in, each customer is allowed to order a minimum of one beverage.

6. Mockingbird


Last but not least is the Mockingbird Café. This café serves Asian-inspired fusion brunch that operates only on weekends.

You’ll be having a hard time choosing their menu as they serve not just breakfast food, but also heartier dishes like pasta, burgers, and more.

Tips to Eating Healthy While Dining Out


If you are the type that enjoys dining out, do not think you have to stop if you want to stay on track.

Below, we provide you with a few simple tips to eating healthy while dining out with your family and friends.

      Drink water throughout the meal.

Water always works wonders when it comes to making one feel full. Moreover, it will make you slow down and enjoy your delicious food more.

Make sure to have a glass of water before and after you eat and let the message get to your brain that you’re full.

      Beware of the low-carb options

Nowadays, many restaurants have chosen to join the low-carb trend when serving their food.

However, bear in mind if you want to lose weight, low-carb doesn’t mean low-cal.

      Order a salad before ordering anything else on the menu.

A research conducted by the Scientists at Pennsylvania State University mentioned that those who ate a big plate of veggie before the main course ate fewer calories overall.

These healthy salad ingredients can surely help perk up your meal.

      Ask how the food was prepared; don’t go by the menu.

Next, always ask your waiter or server to help you healthy-up your food. For instance, ask for a salad as a substitution for the fries or other greasy meals.

Moreover, you can also ask if they provide their customers with a vegetarian dish, as some restaurants are happy to comply.

It is advisable to choose a restaurant where you can customize your meals as you will be more aware of the amount of food you are consuming!

For example, The Purple Sesame let their customer design their salad and pasta using the best ingredients you could ever get.

      Skip the dessert.

One of the hardest things to resist when you dine out would be the dessert. However, if you want to stay on track, you need to buckle up and skip it!

But, if you are having a hard time, you can always have some sorbet or even a small piece of chocolate at home before you head out to the restaurant.

To conclude today’s write up, do not be scared to dine out when you have a diet restriction as many restaurants will serve you what you need especially in the Klang Valley area.

Therefore, do not miss the chance to try the heavenly dishes from The Purple Sesame. You can either dine in or take away when it comes to The Purple Sesame.

The Purple Sesame offers a fun and simple way for you to enjoy a delicious and affordable meal, with a variety of the freshest and healthiest (of course) ingredients!

All this yummy excitement for a set price, unless you want to expand your palette with some of the add ons, to make your meal even more memorable and mouth-watering!



The Purple Sesame aims to give back to society by donating RM1 per drink purchase by every customer and will be channelled to a charitable organization or NGOs of their choices.

Not only that, The Purple Sesame offers a loyalty program for their customers to collect their rewards and retention when purchasing a meal with The Purple Sesame.

The Purple Sesame offers you an online experience to create your delicious meals with affordable options. Visit The Purple Sesame and join their loyalty program now!

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