5 Affordable Healthy Food Restaurants in Malaysia You Can't Miss Now

5 Affordable Healthy Food Restaurants in Malaysia You Can't Miss Now

5 Affordable Healthy Food Restaurants in Malaysia You Can't Miss Now


Finding healthy food restaurants in Malaysia can be quite a daunting task for many.


This comes as Malaysian are getting aware about the importance of eating well and healthy. It is not just about cutting out sugar and fat in our daily diet. It is about eating a variety of healthy food yet delicious which is good for our body.


In today’s write up, we will show you the best healthy café in Malaysia that serves a wide range of healthy food you are craving for!


5 Affordable Healthy Food Restaurants in Malaysia You Can't Miss Now


Going out with your family and friends when you are on your diet or as a vegan in Malaysia could be quite overwhelming as you want to stick to your routine.


Eating clean doesn't necessarily mean needing to sacrifice flavour or taste.


Here are a few options that you can check out and visit with your friends, they will surely enjoy the food as much as you do.

1.  The Purple Sesame



The Purple Sesame is one of the best healthy restaurants in Malaysia that serves you food that is made with freshest and healthiest ingredients and a series of creative drinks.


Located in NU Sentral and Sunway Putra Mall, The Purple Sesame has the best variety of food, from salads, pasta and rice bowls!


A special thing about The Purple Sesame that you might not find in other cafes is that you can customize your meal to your liking! How amazing is that!



Moreover, The Purple Sesame offers its customers an online experience to create their delicious meals with affordable options.



Not only that, you can choose and try a variation of carbohydrates, sauces and proteins out and you are free to try as many as variations of the dishes that you love.


Moreover, aside from a dine-in café and online orders, The Purple Sesame offers catering service for corporate working lunch, corporate events, house parties and more.


They also provide a loyalty program for their customers for rewards and retention. How cool is that?


Start Create Your Meal Today


2.  Goodness Greens by La Juiceria




Known for its refreshing cold-pressed juice since 2016, La Juiceria has become one of the leading healthy food restaurants that served a hearty, and tasty food.


Located in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, La Juiceria supplies you with their mouth-watering protein bowls and salad where you can customize it on your own.


Other than that, they also serve a variety of flavourful wraps, pesto, carbonara as well as wrap.


3.  Fittie Sense


If you are on a Keto diet or a vegan, Fittie Sense is definitely a perfect fit for you as it also has several vegan and Keto options!


The café serves nutritional home-cooked flavours such as Cajun chicken chop with smashed avocado and grilled salmon fillet and other zesty meals that you can choose.


4.  Stuff'd


If you are a Mexican and Turkish food lover but still want to experience the flavour healthily, do make your way to the Stuff’d!


Stuff'd is a Mexican and Turkish food joint that prepares the best burritos, wraps, and tacos for affordable prices in Malaysia.


Located in several locations in Klang Valley, their burritos and kebabs are packed with delectable flavours and the wraps are healthy and hearty.



5.  RawSome


Last but not least is Rawsome restaurant is famous for its signature organic chia pudding - a healthy and delicious dessert alternative.



Rawsome has come up with food that adapts the Asian flavours such as Cauliflower Rice, Korean Bibimbap, rendang tempeh and mushroom garlic ramen.


Not only that, but they also have community yoga sessions and workshops at a reasonable and affordable price.


How to Dine Out Healthily?


If you enjoy dining out, do not think you have to stop if you want to stay healthy.

Here, we provide you with a few simple tips that you can do when dining out with your family and friends.


1.  Don't Eat It All


As we all know, the meal in restaurants is served in a big portion. Hence, if you are on a calorie deficit, do not eat all the food by yourself.


What you can do to make sure that you are still on your calorie range, is to share your hearty meal with others or ask your waiter to box up half before bringing the meal out.


This way, you do not have to worry about exceeding your calories for the day. 


2.  Don’t Be Afraid to Ask



This way, you do not have to worry about Next, always ask your waiter or server to help you healthy-up your food. For instance, ask for a salad as a substitution for the fries or other greasy meals.


Moreover, you can also ask if they provide their customers with a vegetarian dish, as some restaurants are happy to comply.


3.  Don’t Go Out with an Empty Stomach



Lastly, make sure to eat something before you head out to the restaurants. This is to avoid you scarfing down several snacks before your meal arrives.


If you are feeling famished before going out, eat a small pack of fruits or nuts or ask for healthy snacks such as a small salad at the restaurant to forestall the hunger.


To conclude today’s write up, do not be afraid to dine out when you are on a diet as many healthy food restaurants will serve you what you need especially in the Klang Valley area.


However, do not miss the opportunity to try the heavenly dishes from The Purple Sesame.


The Purple Sesame offers a fun and simple way for you to enjoy a delicious and affordable meal, with a variety of the freshest and healthiest (of course) ingredients!


All this yummy excitement for a set price, unless you want to expand your palette with some of the add ons, to make your meal even more memorable and mouth-watering!


The Purple Sesame aims to give back to society by donating RM1 per drink purchase by every customer and will be channelled to a charitable organization or NGOs of their choices.


Not only that, The Purple Sesame offers a loyalty program for their customers to collect their rewards and retention when purchasing a meal with The Purple Sesame.


The Purple Sesame offers you an online experience to create your delicious meals with affordable options. Visit The Purple Sesame and join their loyalty program now!


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